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Because it's hands on, it allows me to grasp the concepts much faster.
Evans K F Chikuni
Back-end Dev
This is fun! I'm not stopping until I finish all the lessons.
Bassam Jalgha
Senior Dev
A lot of people are looking to learn new tech this way, step-by-step instead of feeding them with hour long video courses. I started using the product and it is amazing.
Gurjappan Singh
Full Stack Dev

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Learn better than traditional methods.

  • Clearer than documentation
  • More fun than tutorials
  • More complete than learning at work
  • More engaging than books
  • Faster than video courses
  • Complementary to classes

Our learning format is based on research from these leading institutions:

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At TechBeat, we create the best learning systems for professional devs. Our first course on GraphQL will transform you into a confident developer in less than 6 hours.

We are seasoned developers, with experience across multiple languages and frameworks, who believe there's a better, more engaging and more efficient way for us developers to grow our stacks.

Based on scientific studies,, we've designed a brand new learning format. You'll find yourself completely immersed in the lessons. It will be challenging but not straining — just enough to accelerate your growth and make you enjoy the ride. You'll be in “the zone” from start to finish. And when you come out of it, you'll have learnt GraphQL.